Where is My Money? Now solved for Kindle and CreateSpace: The Step by Step Guide to Sales, Royalties and Payments


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The book that simplifies sales, royalties and other payment-related issues. Have you wondered why royalties appear and suddenly disappear?Does it surprise you to see payments saying “Paid” when you have not received them?Are you finding it difficult to understand how royalties are divided?Don’t you know how KDP pre-orders, public domain books and other promotions work?Does everything concerning sales, royalties and payments looks complicated to you?Don’t worry this book will bring a positive change to all that. Give “Where is My Money? Now solved for Kindle & CreateSpace” the opportunity to battle with the headache royalties and payments give you. Illustrations are included using full color images. Here are some of the topics that are covered in this book: Amazon payment methods. Using EFT as your payment method. Using Check as your payment method. How to setup your EFT payment profile. Switching your payment method & currency preference. How to calculate payments placed on hold. Sales and author rankings. Merits of KDP Select. Demerits of KDP Select. Find out what makes your Kindle title to be highly priced in other regions. KDP MatchBook. Gifting for Kindle. How tax status affects your royalties. See countries that have tax treaty with United States. How to update your tax status. KDP reports tab. Reasons for 35% and 70% royalties. CreateSpace reports’ options. Buying your books. CreateSpace Pricing Page. And many more. This book educates you on the implication of certain actions you may want to take, and does not leave you at that point, it goes further to advise you on how to handle the situation. View your royalties painlessly and receive payments without stories. This is a book you shouldn’t miss. Click “Buy Now” to grab your copy.

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