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In this last Book 6, on the above Title, the Author sums up the Crux of his Mission and Message of the other five Books. HAND BOOKS He provides Hand Books as Guidelines, Strategies, Spiritual as well as Human Weapons for his proposed Knights of the Cross Warriors to use and fight Satan, the enemy and its human agents in their warfronts from the family to the national levels and Global Terrorism These Guidelines start with The Family Hand Book that provides the strategies to rescue from the enemy, Family victims suffering or threatened by sins of Abortion, Divorce and Same Sex Marriage. Th e Next set of Hand Books provide the Guidelines to help Youths struggling to free themselves from the enemy’s criminal and other sinful lives and Community Members ravaged by political and social crises Th e fi nal set of Hand Books focus on Catholic Church Homilies and Guidelines for the K of XM warriors to help Nations struggling to promote Good Secular Governance that accommodates every religious group WARFRONT ON SECULAR GOVERNANCE The Author’s audacity becomes more vivid as he moves forward to tackle the tough issues of Satan’s wars that lead to Bad Governance especially in developing countries like Nigeria and its attacks on Religious Freedom in the advanced countries like the U.S.A. He dares to take up such controversial subjects as public corruption in developing nations, terrorism, civil wars and revolutions in the Muslim world as well as Same Sex, Divorce and Abortion conflicts that are tearing apart the traditional Christian cultures in the advanced nations of Europe and North America. Finally, he illustrates these challenges by providing his Report and Observations on his recent visit to Nigeria to launch his Books and Mission. He concludes Book 7 with his views on the Ideals of Good Secular Governance built on the foundation Pillars provided by Christ through His Church. In the Author’s view, this Book 6, is indeed a must-Read for all concerned with the declin

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