The Secrets of Netherfield Abbey


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The sisters have accepted their fate as the Bewitched Ones, but will the magical community? Jane, Elizabeth, and Kate know the strength of their love as sisters. As Jane recovers from a mysterious illness, she learns of a secret second prophecy. Their powers may become even stronger when matched with the right marriage partner. Choosing the wrong mate, however, would be detrimental. Jane, at least, seems saved from such a fate as she fell in love with Charles Bingley upon first sight. Netherfield Abbey, and the people in it, have secrets, though, and the sisters must unravel them to prove they are the Bewitched Ones. Mystery, fantasy, and romance brew a page-turning read in The Secrets of Netherfield Abbey leaving readers spell-bound and desperate for more. The Witches of Austen Series is a novella series re-imagining all of your favorite Austen heroes and heroines. Books one through four mash-up Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey. Please note, to fully enjoy this series you should read in order. Book One: Sisters Bewitched Book Two: The Secrets of Netherfield Abbey Book Three: The Magic of Pemberley Park ~ Coming Autumn 2016 Book Four: The Scandal at Brighton Cottage

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