The Mighty Child: Time and Power in Children’s Literature


The Mighty Child: Time and Power in Children’s Literature

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The Mighty Child offers an existentialist approach to the theorization and criticism of children;s literature, nuancing the academic claim that children;s literature, specifically defined as; didactic;, alienates childhood from adulthood and disempowers its implied child reader. This volume recentres the theoretical debate around the constructions of time and power which characterize conceptions of childhood and adulthood in children;s literature. The; hidden;, didactic adult of children;s literature, this volume argues, is not solely the dictatorial planner of the child;s future, but also a disempowered entity, yearning for unpredictability in the semi-educational, semi-aesthetic endeavor of the children;s book. Leaning on current work in the field of children;s literature theory, on French phenomenological existentialism, and on the philosophy and sociology of childhood, The Mighty Child is addressed to contemporary theorists and critics of children;s literature.

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