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One hundred fifty Psalms written as a narrative for easy reading reveals secrets never before exposed within the Psalms. We notice how often Jesus appears in the Psalms without mentioning Him directly. Many mysteries within the Psalms have seldom been explored as is in this book by Dr. Tegenkamp, Th.D, boy preacher at the age 16, war veteran of 1963, evening University student earning three degrees in theology; his passion of life. This book serves as a wonderful daily devotional. Also, The Eternity Code serves as a very easy teaching tool in Bible study classes. The greatest pleasure in this read is the relationship as it introduces the reader to the Almighty assisting the reader in understanding the characters within the Psalms. Dozens of pastors have read this book with the comment, “Once I began reading it I could not put it down.” This is a book you will treasure for years to come, passing it down to your children and grandchildren… I promise you will not be disappointed, Dr. Bob.

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