The Dark Side of Nightfall (Book Three)


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Nightfall is a town where young lovers like to go to be alone. But unlike most towns, Nightfall has a dark side.a place where vampires, werewolves and the undead roam. Tale Five. Feeling neglected by her husband Rick, twenty-five year-old Marilyn Draper, spends much of her time fantasising about the vampires and werewolves in the books that she loves to read. Desperate to bring some romance back into her marriage, Marilyn books a night for her and Rick in the remote town of Nightfall. But Nightfall has a way of changing things. It brings out what we most desire and turns fantasies into reality. Those who visit Nightfall never leave feeling the same again. Tale Six. When Sarah’s editor threatens to drop her unless she stops writing foolish reports about the existence vampires and werewolves, she decides to set off to the remote town of Nightfall where she believes she will find the proof that she is looking for. But like others who have visited Nightfall, Sarah finds more than the truth she went searching for.’The Dark Side of Nightfall’ is the perfect remedy for lovers of paranormal romance stories who are looking for something dark, racy and mysterious to sink their claws into.

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