The Bipolar Manifesto


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What is that (FLB) funny-looking bird? Is it a rooster? Is it a goose? Is it a duck? An eagle? C’est la vie, whatever will be will be. It is a bio-epigenetic outlier, and with the right structure support and stroking, it will manifest its alpha one destiny. Be him/her animal or human, like Sea Biscuit the horse, Balto the sled dog, Rudolf the reindeer, Gus the polar bear, Elsa the Lion, or King David, Beethoven, Lincoln, Churchill, Poe, Goethe-a successful outcome is achieved. This book is about real people professionally diagnosed with bipolar disorder who had the “right stuff” and the right people at the right time to manifest over time an alpha one mission oriented personality at the top. All individuals with mood swings had mood swings at one time. Some people with mood swings still have mood swings sometimes. No individual with mood swings has mood swings all the time. Individuals who do not have mood swings at anytime. In the treatment of bipolar disorder, “one size does not fit all.” There must be variations on that theme customized to adapt to changing seasons, ages, and environments. Successful treatment outcome is based on a checklist structure. There are no two snowflakes or butterflies alike. There are no identical twins alike, and there are no two bipolar personalities alike. Read the true life stories of the bipolar patients and their families who, for more than forty years, contributed to the research done in this book.

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