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Can love heal all wounds, or do some scars never fade? After a tragic accident took everything from her, Avery is left broken, struggling to find her place in the world again. Now back home in Mason, Alabama, she goes through the motions, carrying on for the people who love her yet longing for the life she lost. Her future seems bleak until Reid, a handsome mechanic and ladies’ man, charms his way into her life. Though he screams trouble, he sparks something inside her too tempting to ignore: the desire to live. Reid is tired of meaningless flings and one-night stands, but after betrayal left him with major trust issues, anything more is beyond his reach. When Avery, the enticing and mysterious new bartender in town, awakens emotions he never thought possible, Reid has to decide if she’s a chance worth taking or if some risks are better left avoided. Will love be their second chance, or will the past consume their future? If you enjoy heart-wrenching love stories that go beyond the bounds of typical romances, lovable and authentic characters, and happy endings worth fighting for, then you’ll fall in love with this compelling story filled with heart-breaking tragedy, tremendous strength, and the undeniable power of love. Survivor will make you believe that you can overcome anything and is guaranteed to stay with you long after you’ve finished reading. Survivor is the second stand-alone novel in the small town contemporary romance series, Sweet Home Dixie. Tragedy can befall anyone at any time, and the only comfort is knowing you’re not alone. Sweet Home Dixie Series: Book 1: Mended (Available on Book 2: Survivor

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