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This book, “STANDING IN PRAYER FOR THE WORLD” is the fruit of a hard work asserting that life situation can produce positive effect through discernment and prayer. It highlighted the knowledge and spiritual enrichment emanating from keen observation and discernment of God’s presence in His creation, which Sr. Christiana gained from extensive travels as a busy Bursar General “panting for quality time with the Lord.” It is a book of four chapters. The first Chapter articulated operational Divine mechanism available to children of God in “quality time with the Lord.” Quality time is a possibility in every situation including busy and stressful times. In Chapter two the book challenges us to pray for people especially, our weak brothers, sisters and leaders, so that “devil will not mess them up.” Chapter three is devoted to prayers for our ministers to live out their vocation so that they can serve the people of God faithfully in the spirit of God who chose them for special ministry. The final chapter reflected on the churches’ moral virtues compounded into prayers that uplift the mind of the one praying, based on the ethics of the virtues of obedience, faith, hope, charity, joy, kindness and humility. It includes a poem on the mystery of death, which puzzles humanity including Sister Christiana who lost both parents within three months interval. Reflection on the mystery of death builds hope cemented with prayers of total trust in God in all circumstances of life. This book therefore, is theologically sound and thought awakening to the wonders of the Almighty God made visible in the author’s gravity of understanding and experience. This is a book worth reading for spiritual uplift and enrichment. It stands the test of time! Simply put, it is a book for all seasons. Very Rev. Father Jeremiah Ofoegbu Adjutant Judicial Vicar (Marriage Tribunal) Catholic Diocese of Okigwe, Imo State, Nigeria

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