Reclaim, Katon University Book Five


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In this, the final installment of the Katon University series, dangers intensify as Nicole and her friends prepare for the arrival of horrifying creatures from another dimension-beasts that bring the demise of earth and all its inhabitants. To protect themselves, Nicole and Austin wear devices that prevent these monsters from detecting them. But in a weak moment, Austin’s is destroyed. Nicole seeks restitution by traveling to Romania to obtain an important metal needed to repair his device. While there, she finds that the Tarians have planned something bigger than killing all Aretes, something far more dangerous, with much larger consequences. Will she have time to stop the corrupt Tarians before the evil beings arrive or will she and those she love be destroyed by their other-worldy visitors?If you’d like to receive Praxis (the second book in this series) for free, you can grab a copy at the author’s website here: www. Enjoy! Suggested Reading Order: Discern, Katon University Book OnePraxis Novellas, Katon University Book TwoPerceive, Katon University Book ThreeObserve, Katon University Book FourReclaim, Katon University Book FiveWhat readers are saying:”Wow! Original, classic ya fantasy. This book is simply captivating! Once I read the first sentence, I couldn’t put the book down.” – Marina”Intense action and suspense. Great creativity.” – Char”I really love the way the paranormal things are brought in. It isn’t run of the mill regular magic. Different and compelling, can’t wait to read more!” – Taylor”This story was a pleasant surprise. Exciting and full of intrigue. Totally different take on magic. Loved the characters, even the (purposefully) annoying ones.” – Susan”The story was a nice change from the usual young adult fantasy stories that are out there.” – Kindle customer”Recommended to anyone who enjoys a fairly quick read and who likes YA fantasy.” – Laura

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