On My Face, Please


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Exciting New Adult Book Bridges Gap betweenErotic Books for Women and Porn for Men. Like a “Fifty Shades of Gray” for men seeking XXX stimulation, this sex book ratchets up rock solid results. Lorikeet Express Publications announces the release of its first work of fiction, “On My Face, Please,” by Lee Braunsteiner. This new book bridges the gap between women’s romance books and porn for men. Like a “Fifty Shades of Gray” for males seeking XXX stimulation, this adult book proves that men can get highly energized by reading an evocative book.”Made me more aroused than an x-rated movie. Great urban erotica. Good professional writing.”- Victor M, Garden Grove, CAThe plot revolves a simple premise: Imagine that your semen could cure acne on contact. Would women secretly plot to have you apply your remedy on them? This is the story of one man, and the joys and challenges that he encountered when blessed with this initially unknown gift. Reading this porno book guarantees to: 1) stimulate your senses; 2) create a sense of climactic anticipation; 3) unleash your imagination and let it run wild as you place yourself in the protagonist’s shoes; and 4) make you want to jump on your wife, girlfriend, or take matters into your own hands. Women have their steamy romance novels. Now men have an opportunity to enjoy similar stimulation with characters and a story line that is believable by both straight and gay men, but not by women.”I loved it. Realistic, well developed characters. So much so that you get caught up in the story.”-Frank R, Lincoln, NEWith an emphasis on a well-weaved story line, the book manages to convince the reader that these naked experiences could happen to him.”‘On My Face, Please’ was a pleasure to read. It’s well-written with a surprise ending that I didn’t see coming (no pun intended). Highly recommended.”- Rob D, Lakewood, CAThis unabashedly “guy” sexual fantasy porn story not only gets you totally turned on, but it also touches your funny bone.”I enjoyed

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