Of Masks And Chromes (The Red Harlequin #1)


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Book 1 of the Best Selling Fantasy series that’s taking the throne away from vampires and wizards! 13,000+ Copies sold 800 Ratings on Goodreads 130,000 reads on Wattpad. What other readers are saying: “[Of Masks And Chromes] is the first episode of a series simple and straightforward in its unraveling, enjoyable. the story is there. The idea of the book is interesting and history does not lack real examples of this such as the Whites against Blacks in medieval Tuscany.” – Davide Dotto, scrittevolmente. it “A plot line that keeps you predicting with some surprising twists. Even when you can predict correctly, the resultant outcome is surprising. Characterization is flawless as one hardly realizes it’s being done. There are certainly several relevant themes at play. Thumbs up. I’m getting them all.” – Kindle Reviewer “Skin color matters. mask color matters. a refreshing look at racial prejudice, and just how arbitrary and artificial it actually is.” – Goodreads Reviewer “The world-building was superb, the suspense built deliciously, and at the risk of giving away more spoilers, I’ll just say my only disappointment was that it ended too soon.” – Kindle Reviewer “I wanted to find some words to describe this book but it left me speechless. I loved it, the plot, the idea was one of the most inspiring to me, I wish there were more books like this.” – Goodreads Reviewer “Very different story – I started it and didn’t put it down until the end. Will definitely read Book 2 to see what happens to Asheva next.” – Goodreads Reviewer Synopsis “Before you can escape from prison, you must first realize you’re locked up.” In a world where everyone wears masks and superstitions abound, the color of your chrome determines who you are and where you will live. And if you will live. Here, Asheva, a 14 year old Chrome of the Black Nation, will see his world crumble underneath him, as events too big for his age will force him to run away from his native city of Axy

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