Midnight Scoundrel (A Soulmark Series Book 2): Lycan & Vampire Soulmark Series


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Stealing isn’t personal. At least not to Quinn Montgomery. Yet, when her latest heist to steal from the Adolphus family tailspins her into a supernatural world filled with lycans, witches, and vampires she must learn to steel her nerves and…her heart. Unfortunately for her, Ryatt Adolphus has other plans for the sultry thief. Discovering she is branded with his soulmark, Ryatt leaves little to the imagination about his sinful intent to have Quinn by his side. Forever and alwaysWorking together, they must face down enemies, new and old, to recover an ancient artifact for their allies in the Trinity Coven. A group of witches whose power grows day by day. Can the midnight scoundrel win the heart of a thief? Or will Ryatt’s heart be the one that is stolen?Find out in the second installment of the Soulmark Series*This book is a sequel to Coven (A Soulmark Series Book 1), readers are encouraged to read the first installment. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of this scandalously hot romance! Scroll up and start reading today! IMPORTANT NOTE: This book contains explicit love scenes, strong language, and the hottest, domineering alphas*Fans of Jasmine Walt, Hailey Edwards, Dannika Dark, Vivienne Savage, and Linsey Hall will love this paranormal romance!

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