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Obie Hardy, a medical student at the Medical College of Virginia, struggles to translate textbook training into live patient care. In the 1980s, this small town boy is challenged by Richmond’s city life and the incessant competiveness of his classmates while seeking competency as a physician. One student succumbs to the stress as Obie finds strength in his girlfriend, Priscilla, and a few close classmates. His part time research project involving a controversial cancer drug questions his integrity and allienates Priscilla. As Obie’s life crumbles, he stumbles upon a pivotable lab discovery. Testimonial It has been a number of years since I read as exciting a book as this. The book is magnetizing and full of interesting history and a description of some of the events that took place at a historical Virginian teaching institution. The book is so thrilling that makes the reader, once he/she starts reading, unable to stop reading till the finish. The book is an impressive historical resume of MCV and a diary of some very important research as well as some other important events that took place in this edifice called MCV, “The Medical College of Virginia”. Making it A MUST READ BOOK. Ali Hossaini, Sr, Ph.D, Assitant Professor of Clinical Pathology, MCV

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