If You Had Listened To Grandma, You Wouldn’t Need A Shrink!


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Put your feet up, put on your favorite music, and enjoy! Learn effective life skills without psychobabble! The book is humorous, easy to understand yet very profound in its teaching of personal growth. The book is divided into concepts that are broken down into sayings that the author’s grandmother used to teach her about life. Grandma gave advice that was simple, effective, and easy to understand. She enlightened, provided wisdom, nurtured, and loved unconditionally. The teachings are meant to unleash the power that lives within you. Concepts such as love, relationships, boundaries, conflict, and goal setting, to mention just a few, are conveyed through to words of grandma. The book is an enjoyable read that brings back the nostalgia of days long ago. By the end of the book the author’s grandmother will become your grandmother too. You will be able to touch, feel, and hear her. You will also be able to taste her chopped liver and smell her chicken soup. Above all, you will be able to pass down her wisdom to your own loved ones.

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