Forced To Be A Transgender Woman Because Of My Autism


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Travis tells about how he feels forced to become a transgender woman because of all of the rejection he has faced because of autism. Travis shares how he feels he is more emotionally like a woman than he is a man. He shares that he feels he would be less creepy to other women if he were to become a woman. Travis thinks all of his problems will be solved if he is able to become a transgender woman. This is an excellent book that will take you inside the mind of someone struggling with their sexuality because of having autism. Travis shares very openly his thoughts and feelings regarding autism and becoming a transgender woman. He shares how woman have to do less work socially to have sex with a man than a man as to do in order to have sex with a woman. Travis is very obsessed with women and breasts. Travis feels becoming a woman will solve his problem of not being able to feel breasts because he will have his own breasts to feel. Travis is a very confused young adult on the autism spectrum who is trying to find his identity in life. Travis has tried so hard to get insurance companies to pay for his social skills coaching so he could learn how to be less creepy with woman. Now, Travis has given up that fight and is now taking on the insurance companies in order for them to pay for him to become a woman. This book is very insightful and informative about sexuality of someone with autism. This book will also show you how someone with autism can become confused about their sexuality based off of all the social rejection they have faced throughout their life. Here is an excerpt from the book.”Some people are born naturally feeling they are a woman and others are forced into becoming a woman because of all of the social rejection they face growing up and as adults. It is important that counselors, doctors, and insurance companies listen to people with autism and let them do what they want to do to have the best chance of overcoming the autism spectrum disorder. If that soluti

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