Fifty Shades of Romance: Heart Throb


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Lara Woods, book reviewer for Detroit’s largest newspaper, is known for her frank, if not brutal, reviews. That goes for books written by former lovers too, including Dr. Adam Roy, even though the glimmer of sin in his eyes makes her short of breath. As a professional she had no choice but to diss it. Naturally, the hot doctor has his own agenda and it has nothing to do with book sales. He’ll trigger a little fevered lust, a mild case of shivers, some weakness in the knees, and a mind-blowing, heart-pounding orgasm or two. or more. And he’ll do it all in the name of science. and love. Previously published as SEXUAL HEALING SAMPLE He pressed a fingertip to the underside of her chin. “You’re hiding.” “Am not.” “Then why won’t you look at me.” “I am.” She lifted her gaze to his chest. Now, that was something worth staring at! And it was a part of him. She wasn’t lying. “My face. My eyes. Why won’t you look me in the eye?” “Because you’re being so…intense.” “Since when does intense intimidate you?” That was it! Like it or not, she had to meet his gaze now. There was no letting him get away with that little jab. It wasn’t true. Intensity did not intimidate her. Not one little, tiny bit. No sirree. In fact, she was the personification of intensity. She lived her life embracing intensity. “It doesn’t.” “Now that’s better.” He released her shoulders and straightened to his full-and quite droolworthy-six-foot-two-inch height and unzipped his pants. Speaking of drool, she practically drowned in it, knowing exactly what was in store for her. It might have been fifteen years, but there was no forgetting a cock like his. Long, thick and rock-hard at a moment’s notice, it was the most glorious equipment she’d ever seen on a man. He pushed his pants down to his hips. Hot diggedy dog! Here we go. He stopped. “Tell me your fantasy. Where would you be? What would you do?” “I can’t. This is silly.” Not looking pleased, he sighed and yanked his pants back up and a

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