Favors and Freedom


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Favors and Freedom, Book One of The Finding Change Series This story is a full length novel for sale under 1 dollar. It continues the story from Book 0.5, The Beginning: Emmalyn’s Journey. Please read Book 0.5 for free on all platforms before reading Favors and Freedom or you will miss out on Em and Carlos’ spicy affair. Favors and Freedom starts off as Emmalyn goes to her abusive husband’s ex-girlfriend for help. She needs out of her marriage and feels Gracie is he only one who could help her. This story tells of the plan for Em’s freedom, Gracie’s wrestling with this plan and all the suspense that occurs when this plan is put into motion. This story also tells of the romance of Em and Carlos and the newly found romance of Gracie and her sexy detective friend Jaydon. There are twists and turns with lots of suspense in this novel. It is not your every day romance story. This story also introduces Jane, Em’s friend who is the star of the story in Meeting Jane, Book 1.5 of The Finding Change Series. Meeting Jane has been released for free on all platforms. Jane also will tell her story in Plain Jane, Book 2 of The Finding Change Series. Plain Jane is pending release.

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