ECG Technician: Theory & Clinical Textbook


ECG Technician: Theory & Clinical Textbook

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This book is a perfect book for EKG Technician or ECG Technician. It includes all the fundamentals required for becoming and EKG Technician or ECG Technician. This book can also help you prepare for the National Certification Exam. The EKG Text is so simple that understanding the concept will be much easier. EKG Study Guide, EKG Textbook, EKG Book, EKG Technician Textbook. The book includes chapters from basic to advance level of ECG. (Simple Block Building to Complexe Block Building) This book is specially designed for students who have had difficuly in the past learning the simple concept of EKG. In this book the author has tried to simplify the material for easy comprehension. The book has numerous pictures which will help you understand the application process of various types of EKG applications such as 12 lead ekg, 15 lead ekg, Holters monitoring, Telemetry EKG and much more. The book is an excellent resources for students and schools offering EKG related program. We would like to congratulate all the students a successfull future with their career in healthcare.

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