Deceitful Appearances (Trilogy Bundle) (Erotic Romance – Holiday Romance)


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Book One: Holiday InterludeDanielle accompanies her best friend Alondra on a skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps, intending to cheer up her friend after her recent breakup. However, their mutual interest in the ski instructor could lead her to choose between their friendship and her desires. Book Two: Getting Over HimAlondra is determined to forget her selfish, self-centered ex-boyfriend, and Lucas seems likely to be the perfect candidate for that, however she unknowingly signs up for a lot more than a simple roll between the sheets. Book Three: Returning HomeShould she return home or go with her newly found love? Does he care enough to actually want her too? Or is she just a simple holiday romance, that’s best to leave as is? Both Danielle and Alondra face this decision as their holiday comes to a close, with their choices revealing previously unknown facets of the men they choose to love.

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