Curing Myself from Autism


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Tom shares how he uses social skills coaching to learn social skills and learn about non-verbal communication in this great read. Tom does not medically cure himself from autism, however, as he explains in his book he learns skills and techniques that free him of his social challenges and cure his social skills problems. This is a great read for teachers and parents wanting to learn how to help autistic children and teenagers learn social skills. Tom describes how he studies social skills, non-verbal communication, body language, social thinking, and social context in this book. He also gives the reader tips for learning these skills through all of his experiences. Tom has worked closely with social skills coaching for five years now and he is happy with his accomplishments and will share that with the reader. Here is an excerpt from the book.”More than ninety-three percent of communication is non-verbal. I was missing nearly the entire conversation because I was only hearing the physical words of what a person was saying. Now, at least I am doing better at understanding some of those non-verbal facial expressions and reading some body language when I engage in conversations with other people.I have found that in learning how to communicate non-verbally I am able to make more friends and because I am able to make more friends it is almost like autism is not even a bother to me right now. Nothing has changed about me medically it is just that I was able to train my brain to do some of the things my brain did not naturally know how to do like neurotypical brains are already preprogrammed to do.”Tom hopes you enjoy reading his book.

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