Chase and Cassidy


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Amanda is a dedicated voyeur, and Chase and Cassidy are the two young men who have caught her eye this time around. D.J. Manly presents Chase and Cassidy, Book 2 of her sensual contemporary romance series, Amusing Amanda. Amanda is up to her ‘tricks’ again in the sequel to Amusing Amanda. Chase and Cassidy are just what Amanda is looking for-two beautiful young men who can’t keep their hands off each other’s body, but otherwise don’t like each other very much. Chase, the elder, strong and handsome, determined to break away from ‘The Agency;’ proves to be quite irresistible to Amanda, challenging her resolve to remain strictly a voyeur. Cassidy is young and cocky, with a secret which makes him desperate to get into Amanda’s good graces. Chase will teach him a few things that he thinks he already knows. If you enjoyed reading about Scott and Ciel in Amusing Amanda, then you won’t want to miss the second book in the series. Although you might find it difficult to believe that this book could possibly be hotter than the first, wait until you get a taste of Chase and Cassidy. Content Notes: multiple partners, M-M-F, light bondage.

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