Blood Betrayal: Lilith (The Blood Betrayal Series, Mini Book 1)


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She was meant to be an obedient wife who submitted to her husband whenever he pleased, but the world quickly learned she would not lie down for any man. When Lilith escaped to the Red Sea to bargain with the archangel Samael, even the angels soon realized she was a force to be reckoned with. Long before Jude Dornfeld was even a twinkle in the sparkle of his father’s eye, Lilith made it clear she would get everything she wanted….well, almost everything. Going back to the very first moment of time, you will meet Lilith the human, the vampire, and the queen. Discover how deep the bloodline runs. This mini-book can be read before or after the Blood Betrayal Series, and was created to give readers more background information on Lilith and her family. -Approximately 21,284 wordsServes as a short story with background history into the Blood Betrayal novels. Other books in the Blood Betrayal series: Blood Betrayal (book #1)Mirela and Her Vampire (book #1.5)Blood Revelations (book #2)Mini-Book series: Lilith (#1)Jamen (#2)

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