Animation for Kids with Scratch Programming: Create Your Own Digital Art, Games, and Stories with Code


Animation for Kids with Scratch Programming: Create Your Own Digital Art, Games, and Stories with Code

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Think Logically. Present Artistically. The myth: Programming is only for kids who are good at math and science. The reality: Anyone can learn how to code. Kids with an artistic bent and curious minds can give life to technology that shapes our daily experience. Don’t believe it? Give this book a try It will prove to be the best investment for your kids. This book teaches kids how to create animations and games with code. No big words or scary concepts. Only step-by-step, visual programming laced with digital art, games, and storytelling projects. It starts with programming fundamentals, then covers animation techniques, and ends with complete animation examples. It is a great art and code mixer. Animation for Kids with Scratch Programming is the perfect first taste that any budding programmer could fall in love with. This book has three sections: Section one starts with simple projects to help students learn basic programming concepts. Those projects give students hands-on learning experience in developing their own games and animations. Section two provides students with animation techniques to fuel their creativity and imagination. It provides them tools to create more interesting animations. Section three guides students through four complete animations, each with its own storyboard. Kids learn how to manage the complexities of development, the interactions of multiple characters, and the timing of separate events. Many of the animation techniques introduced earlier are utilized to create these projects. Free webinar classes included with the book purchase: Two hours of free webinar classes are included with the purchase of this book. In this online class, we will walk students through the first chapter. To register for the free webinar, please go to www. This book highlights the following areas: Art and Code: Art and code go together like cookies and milk. This book leads with what kids know – art, games, and story-telling. Let them discover th

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