Melissa & Doug Dust Mop And Sweep Cleaning Play Set

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8 thoughts on “Melissa & Doug Dust Mop And Sweep Cleaning Play Set

  1. I am truly baffled. When my sister-in-law told me to buy my nephew cleaning supplies, I thought we may have a potential child labor crime happening but she said he likes to help clean the house. So I hop on Amazon and find this toy cleaning set. Before clicking the “buy” button, I pause, still uncertain if a 2 year old would really enjoy the housework that plagues my adult-life. I even added a Nerf gun and Legos as back-up gifts in case it was a belated April Fools joke…Nope, no joke. Totally going with it.A week later I show up to his birthday party with the now wrapped cleaning supplies in hand. Guys, I felt like I was walking into the lion’s den where tons of judgey parents would see that I bought my nephew a mop, broom and duster. The shame!!! It came time to open presents and my nephew opens the big box, exposing that instead of dressing like a cowboy or spaceman or soldier, he would instead be playing janitor. The parents remained silent but their eyes spoke loud and clear…And then the weirdest thing happened. My nephew took out the broom, squealed with joy and immediately began furiously sweeping in a fit of baby happiness. One by one, kids dropped the Nerf guns and toy cars to pick up the duster and mop. WTF is happening. From pauper to prince, I strutted like a peacock, basking in the glow of having “the best gift at the party”.Not going to lie, I can’t believe this is a thing or that kids want to play with it but my nephew seemed ecstatic and that’s all I was going for so 5 stars!

  2. Excellent product for Boys and girls my grandson wanted to help me clean and the very first time he helped sweep he found a diamond earring that was lost. It payed for itself the first time used. We got lucky and he has not forgotten and it promotes great learning and children development.Well made of smooth wood no sharp edges. Definitely recommendThanks for ReadingReviews Help Consumers

  3. My 2 year old loves to sweep the floor so I thought this would be a great little cleaning set for her. I love Melissa and Doug products. And it really is nice for the most part. But there’s one thing that takes off major points for me.The bottom of the mop has a hard plastic disc with a screw that could really do some damage to our hardwood floors.I definitely expect more from Melissa and Doug.

  4. What a cute toy and great idea. The babies love it!The toddlers LOVED the dust and mop set! They began playing with it as soon as the package was opened! They love to clean house!

  5. I seriously checked out 17 different sets in stores and online. This by far the best ..real microfiber clothes, a real squirt bottle. ( we put 1/2 c water and a tsp of vinegar which will actually clean and is not harmful if your child squirts in mouth) the micro covers on mop and duster are removable and washable, dustbin for broom and hand broom works great and perfect size. My 2yr old grandaughter can use these all comfortably. she loves to clean and can spend hrs wiping tables windows cabinets, she loved to sweep and mop (actually does a really good job) This will keep her from smackin into us, walls, pictures and knick knacks with the long handled adult versions. the collapsible bucket is great also, and comes with a scrubbie sponge as well.

  6. Not at all impressed with this set. Disappointed because the reviews seemed great. The caution wet floor sign is a tiny piece of cardboard that’s basically garbage. The bucket is a flimsy rubber type thing that has marks on it and doesn’t expand right. Most this stuff looks used with marks on it and pieces coming off. Would never order again. Don’t get me wrong I’m not usually one to complain but I excepted better quality for the price of this stuff.Update:Wish I could give this product 0 stars. The bucket doesn’t stay up it just collapses. The spray bottle stem is way too long and I had to cut it to make it work. The wet floor sign is cardboard garbage that got instantly destroyed. The broom keeps falling off the handle. Just super pathetic all around.

  7. My son likes to clean whenever I do so this set was perfect. Upon reading many reviews I realized that 2 of the major complaints were the bucket and the sign. The sign is made of cardboard, but it is meant for kids, so I don’t think it’s a big deal. It isn’t flimsy cardboard that doesn’t stand so I am okay with it. The bucket I think people are not realizing that it is meant to be collapsible so that it doesn’t take up space, which I LOVE! the bucket does not make a round shape when expanded, which would make sense that it bothers some people, but again its meant for kids, so I don’t think its too much of an inconvenience. Lastly, the straw thing that goes inside of the bottle people seem to dislike. Yes, the straw is too long in comparison to the small bottle, but it goes in perfectly fine. I actually thought this was done on purpose so that should you chose to put liquid inside, they wont spray too much out as it places pressure on the straw. This little set is perfect for the price! little inconveniences that can be managed.

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