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  1. I actually love this magazine. The print version is done well and there are always articles that I read and keep. I am rating this three star based on extraordinarily poor customer service. I wanted to take the digital version with me on vacation, but for some reason could no longer access my library or download copies. This is recent, as in past, I have always been able to do so. I emailed RS for assistance. A week passed with no response. I followed up and received a response that they needed additional info as they could not locate my account. I provided the info they requested. No response. A week passed and I followed up. Two days later I received an email that they needed the same info I had already sent as they couldn’t find my account. I sent it again. A week passed. No response. I followed up with a third request. No response. Today I follow up with a fourth request, but have little hope that RS has any interest in helping me with this issue. This was very disappointing. If RS does not wish to provide customer service, they should stop implying that that they do.

  2. The subscription will automatically renew and I was unable to cancel the subscription. Unacceptable.

  3. I realize they are trying to make money and offer a decent price for customers, but the latest issue has about 109 total pages of advertisements. Most of the other “articles” are just large photos and a few talking points about the headline for the page. The only good part is that the main front cover topic (Autumn related ideas) had no advertisements through 24 pages. The bad part, it was near the back of the magazine.

  4. I use to love this magazine but I’m not sure whats going on with it recently. There are so many ads (like usual for a magazine) but really I feel like they have increased the number of ads and decreased the number of interesting articles. Once in a while I like a article but the print or pictures are so small (in my 30’s so no I’m not old with failing eyesight) and I feel like they cut the article short and put tons of ads in its place. I also am not personally that interested in the pages and pages of recipes. I want to see the homes, I want to get ideas, I want to see if I can achieve that…but I don’t feel like that anymore. Also I am really, really disappointed lately with the with the “I did it” section (use to be the last page of mag but now put it in the middle). There use to be really cool diy stuff now it’s “I put a desk out and some holders from ikea wow look what i did”…not impressive anymore. There are cooler things you can find on Pinterest. Sorry not resubscribing.

  5. Out of 157page magazine, there were 83 FULL PAGE ads! And on the remaining 74 pages there were 9, 3rd page ads. Why does this even cost money, I can get a “thrifty nickel” ( full of ads) for free!

  6. I really like Real Simple.I have been getting it since it came out. BUT, now that i’ve gotten into my 70’s, I find that it has little to offer me. The recipes sound good but i cannot eat most of the ingredients that they are made from.I have to do a lot of switching ingredients and then it is not that dish ay more. The clothes are for working women as are so many other things in the magazine. It is a heavy magazine so i cannot carry it with me when i go out to a place where i read while i wait or on public transportation.. I have only read 1 copy of Real Simple cover to cover in all the years I have been getting it. So I am forced to give them away because one can only save just so much. I am not a hoarder. But ENJOY anyway, especially if you are a young woman.

  7. I like REAL SIMPLE, had subscribed before, but when I subscribed via a “sounds too good to be true” promotional last year (Real SimpleSold by: Synapse Services, Inc. $5.00 Condition: New), it WAS. I have NEVER received one magazine. Buyer and Meredith Corporation, beware.

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