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Badger Ginger Deep Tissue Massage Oil - 4 oz

Badger Ginger Deep Tissue Massage Oil - 4 oz


Gentle and Great for Sensitive Skin. Care for your loved ones with 100% natural, safe and soothing Badger Baby Oil. Formulated with moisturizing oils and calming herbs to nurture and protect delicate baby skin. Organic Extra Virgin Olive and Jojoba Oils gently soften and moisturize even the most...


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User reviews

I loved Badger’s Belly Butter with Calendula throughout my pregnancy with my twins. I’m not sure if this made a difference but I didn’t get any stretch marks at all, which is amazing considering how big I was. In any case, the quality ingredients made me a bit of a brand loyalist. So, I have the rose face oil and now the baby oil.The baby oil is mostly olive oil with the benefit of calendula. One of my twi. babies has cradle cap something fierce. Calendula is clinically proven to have many skin benefits. When I was getting radiation for breast cancer, the doctors told me to use it. So, it must be good for cradle cap too.This product smells like olive oil, which is a testimony to the ingredients used. I don’t smell the calendula much but it has a very subtle odor. Badger products are definitely pure. I trust that they will not have any harmful ingredients.As someone who rarely has brand loyalty, I recommend their products.
I bought this because it was cheaper than the other Badger Body Oil I saw, and I was hoping the calendula in it would help ease my eczema (which frequently appears on my hands and lower arms). I was worried about the scent at first, because I didn't want anything too herbish, nor did I was to smell like a baby (I'm a grown woman). Well, I needn't have worried. This is a fantastic body oil. I use it every night (sometimes on it's own, sometimes layered under a lotion) and it has been working great. This soaks into my skin quickly and doesn't leave an oily residue. It has a slight smell, but nothing irritating, nor does my nightgown smell like it the next morning (which has happened with other scented products).I'm really loving Badger products. I also bought their face oil and the face sunblock stick. Their ingredients seem to all be organic, their products are fairly priced, and the products have all worked a charm so far. Really, really excited about this skin care line.
fantastic stuff.smells so lovely.very fine oil that's easily absorbed.I use it on my overdue baby's peeling skin and little bit of cradle cap to keep it from drying out.I keep it by the nursing chair so i can put it on while he feeds.I also throw some on my elbows while nursing.Love Badger products.
This is my holy grail. I am so happy I stumbled upon this product. I originally learned about Seabuckthorn oil from @holisticAli (instagram). The brand he advertised was around $30 and I wanted to see if I could find it cheaper which led me to Amazon & this brand. I have problematic skin that likes to fluctaute in severity over the month. After my period, I have minimal acne but the week building up to my period, my skin has been known to look its worst 🙁 I’ve tried so many products for my acne, I know the struggle. I really wanted to wait to post whether or not this product worked for me because I know how dealing with acne sucks and getting your hopes up every time you purchase a new remedy.I have a lot of discoloration and spots from my acne that haven’t gone away making my skin look worse than it is when I get a blemish. I started using this oil as well as vitamin E oil at night before bed at the end of January 18.I replaced my night time moisturizer with this oil blend. My face feels hydrated & more plump. My acne scars are fading and active blemishes have been healed. As of right now I have no new blemishes and my period is approaching.I’m hoping with prolonged use the rest of the spots will disappear, but so far I’m very satisfied with the results
I didn't take the time to read through all the ingredients & assumed this was "Seabuckthorn" Oil. It's actually multiple oils with Seabuckthorn barely making the top five. I've used actual Seabuckthorn and it always made my face glow and gave an initial "tingle" sensation. This oil has done nothing for my skin short of make it extra oily and I've had the occasional breakout. There are some great oils in this face oil blend but it is not at all what I wanted.
I mix a few drops of this face oil with Juice Beauty spf moisturizer in the morning, and a few drops at night after washing my face with Badger's oil cleanser and then a water-based cleanser. When I bought my first face oil (the Badger unscented) it was to see if it would help the Juice Beauty moisturizer go on smoother (it's a bit thick and pulls on the skin when spreading it over your face). That worked well but I was also pleasantly surprised by what a good moisturizer it turned out to be on its own. I think all of their face oils are great but this seems to be the best one. My skin has been feeling great since I started with the oils, and noticing an improved appearance since switching to Damascus Rose. I'm 37 with combination skin that leans towards dry in the winter.
i'm a retired Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist and have a few thoughts about this stuff...i learned , when in school , extra virgin olive oil is #1 oil for the skin (hair and other things too) but most therapists use almond, grape seed and other 'thinner stuff'...Extra virgin is very thick but i've always used it to the delight of clients...sometimes i'd add various essential oil mixes to the olive but, mostly, just olive....i had one elderly woman client who was spending a bundle to a dermatologist to try to clear up facial skin eruptions to no avail...when she told me that i asked if she had extra virgin olive oil...'yes, some for cooking'...'try it on your face'...'what?'...'just try it'...the blemishes were gone in 2 days...GONE...'BADGER' has a lot of thick oils...Vitamin E is very thick.......someone mentioned this Badger isn't warm/hot enough...i found this to be true and it's because the oils are too thick and hard to work deep deep in the tissue......however:i found a lovely massage oil called 'NOW SOLUTIONS'...'NOW's oils are all 'thin/light' oils like grape, i put a shot or 2 of BADGER on my feet rubbing in real good...then, put a few drops, not many, of 'NOW' on over the BADGER and YES , WARM/HOT results and you can rub the oils deep in the skin......NOW , also , adds great oils like Lavender, Chamomile, Patchouli, Grape Seed, Apricot, Sweet Almond, Fir Needle, Geranium, Vitamin E (soy)...happy rubbing
I had a bad swollen leg and went to the doctor. She said it was bad veins and gave me 1 Water pill per week. Didn't help much so I looked for something that might help. Found this on Amazon and used it. Took 2 days to get my leg back to normal. Plus is helping my knees. Try This!!! I swear by it~
I didn't want to leave four stars, because this deep tissue massage oil is definitely a five star oil. If there was a way to leave 4.98 stars I would because the oil sometimes leaks around the closed cap edges. It never leaks on anything but I can see it on the edges of the cap.As a massage therapist, I find this oil useful for my clients who seem to have trouble allowing their muscles to relax. The aroma of ginger massage oil is pleasant, and reminds myself and clients of true relaxation. The first time I used this product was with a client who suffers from upper crossed syndrome, and after using the deep tissue oil for three session the client and I both saw the results we were seeking.A friend of mine saw the oil and asked where did I get it, and I told her I use Amazon for nearly everything. She ordered her bottle the next day, and also mentioned she was impressed with the resultsThe texture is nice, and I never have to worry about putting too much oil on my hand when applying the deep tissue techniques. I love, love, love this oil and right now I on the search for more amazing, aromatic massage oils from Badger.
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  1. I wasn’t too thrilled with the slightly sharp scent or the energy of the Brigid oil. I would very much like to know what herbs and essential oils are in the mix. If I’m using something in ritual that I didn’t mix myself, I need to know what’s included –not the proportions–just the ingredients.

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